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    Hosting template for sale

    Since the guy who wanted to buy this template from me last week failed to get back to me (yet I have seen him posting, hmm), I will post this layout for sale once again. I have lowered the price as well and will accept the highest offer as long as it meets my (private) reserve.

    I am now accepting offers starting at 100.00. Please reply to this thread or PM me with your offers, thanks!

    The layout includes the following:

    Fully layered (~300 layers) Index page .PSD
    Fully-layered (~300 layers) Inside page .PSD
    All fonts used
    All rights

    Index page:

    Inside page:


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    links aren't working
    also your site has webworm virus.
    Looking for GameServer Domains ???
    I have ALOT of them !!!
    PM me if interested.

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    Newcastle, England
    I second that. lol. Sounds like you put some hard hard work into it aswell...

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    I can't open links....Fix that...

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    It's because I copied the links directly from the last post, sorry.

    Here are the correct links:



    Thanks, sorry again.

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    Nice Design. Good luck with your sale.

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    Nice work, very clean design. Where did you get permission to use the computer tower though? Isn't that some kind of I-mac case or something or did you design this yourself?

    Again, excellent design and good luck with your sale.

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    I actually got it from a stock photo site (found through searching google images for "PC Tower"). It does not have the apple logo on the side, so I figured someone either removed it for this very purpose, or recreated it alltogether.

    I've seen this exact image and others like it on TemplateMonster templates, all of which have the apple logo removed from the case, but i'm not quite sure of the legal issues there. If the buyer would prefer, I could easily replace the image with one of their chosing.

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    Cool, thanks for clearing that up dude.

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    Hello, I am Interested.

    DO you have Msn or YIM messenger?

    I tried to PM you but looks like its disabled

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    My PM isn't disabled, because i've received a few

    My AIM is rock1127 if you would like to talk there.

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    Still taking offers on the layout...

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    I purchased a design from rock1127 a couple of weeks ago. Great design and he was a pleasure to deal with.

    This is a very nice looking design also.

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    Thanks, cyberSAR.

    Layout still for sale. Now taking any offers.

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