I brought a reseller from the, about a month ago.
Near the end of a month, they had a DOS attack on the server, and it was down for about 5 hours.
Since then, it has been getting slower and slower.
For a few days the server was fine. But now, MySQL keeps getting to many connections. Apache keeps failing. FTP is so slow that you time out and are unable to upload anything.

Today, when i decided i've had enough, even though i haven't recieved any complaints from my clients i decided to move to a different host.

All the backups i do, have to be done one by one, thanks to my host removing the back up all accounts feature in WHM.
I wonder why they removed it.. Dont want me to leave?

I need to backup all the accounts again, before i move to a differnet host, but cPanel is down.

When i email them asking them why the server is running slow/MySQL or cPanel is down, they reply with;

We are aware of the problem.

So now, i have to wait for cPanel/WHM to come back up before i can take more backups.
I cant contact my clients, because all their details are saved in MySQL Databases/WHM which i don't have access to.

I might ask for a refund, i only paid a week ago for this month.
If they don't give me one, what can i do about it?