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    Quality Managed, Semi-Managed and Co-location provider


    I wanted to post this to present my company,

    We area Cisco Premier Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner and a certified IBM xSP prime hosting center. We have a 20,000+ square foot datacenter that we OWN on Long Island. We have over 100 certified professionals in Microsoft, Cisco and Linux fields. We have multiple OC-X connections to multiple tier-1 providers and we provide hosting for some large organization such as Computer Associates.

    If anyone is looking for managed, semi-managed or co-location I am authorized to give discount rates on our services through contacts in this forum.

    Please contact me at [email protected].

    I can put together a quote for you very quickly I just need the specifics of your expected or current environment.

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    i want to co-locate 2 dell poweredge tower servers
    please advice how much will it cost

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    I cannot recommend Invision for anything anymore since I dont work there and am completely out of sales and back to being a tech. I would contact [email protected] for them to put a quote together for you if you want to pay crazy prices for not that great service and a 24/7 noc staffed by one person.

    While their co-lo is not great their network engineers are amazing!

    Look around these boards and read some reviews and you should find a good co-location provider around LI who can provide you with good pricing and good service.

    If you are doing this for VoIP then you may actually want to consider Invision because they do have some very good low latency bandwidth with top providers but that comes at a cost that is much higher than others can provide the same access for but are not located on Long Island.

    ANy more questions then just PM me

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