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    aussie and singaporean pls come in

    i'm a malaysian, i need a singaporean or aussie to help me withdraw my paypal money.
    malaysia can withdraw to US bank only.

    to appreciate for your help, i pay 6% for the service
    i need to withdraw US$2000-4000 every month.

    i have singapore and australia account, so you just need to
    transfer it to my bank in your country.
    i can't withdraw by myself, coz malaysia paypal account cannot
    withdraw to singapore or australia bank.

    you better have a personal account (NOT premier a/c)
    to receive the money from me, because personal account don't charge fees to receive money.

    interested pls contac me : [email protected]
    or post below

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    There are some Malaysians can buy your paypal money,
    check out here:

    Good luck!

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    thanks cavalry, but i still need more......

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