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    Just out of curiosity, Sago Networks vs AllManaged (management levels)

    Im curious. We all know that Sago Networks is the parent company of AllManaged, and that Sago Networks offers management services while AllManaged is a managed service.

    So, my question is this, what is the difference in the management level between AllManaged and Sago Networks with their Silver System Administration Package?

    Apart from the price of course,


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    This is actually something that we'll be adjusting as we re-design the site (already in progress so all that spammed me last time I mentioned re-designing the site, please don't) The difference between the two sites / programs, are server specs, pricing options, and yes, management levels. While AM provides more management, at a higher price, Sagonet also offers the silver management plan and others. We'll be adjusting this to differentiate management through a shared team of resources (entire tech support dept.) vs. a single point of contact (personal admin) to oversee your account, obviously compensating for days off / sleep / sickness / vacations, etc. We'll include things such as direct phone numbers for contact, and a more personal means of communication vs. a pool of resources.


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