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    Wanted: Graphics designer

    Iím looking for a designer to create the following for

    Square Logo (64x64)
    Full Logo (~728x90, the 64x64 image should be on the leftmost part of it)
    Horizontal Banner (728x90)
    Small Banner (234x60)

    What I would personally like to see is something that reflects stability and reliability and maybe connected with the name if possible.

    Please send:
    • Link to your online portfolio (or examples of work)
    • Your design idea (several sentence or simple image)
    • Price

    To: info AT titaniumline POINT com
    Need reliable hosting?

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    Brand new portfolio coming real soon. Working on it right now

    Depends on what kind of work you want.


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    Link to your online portfolio (or examples of work) (Click on the Portfolio page to view works)

    Your design idea (several sentence or simple image)

    For a hosting website, the possiblities are limitless. We can work with your idea or we can develop an idea for you.



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    My visual is nice soothing blues and greens that match up with the site. Animation can be included to a professional sense. Very clean work and animations to be included. I am willing to work all Thursday (day after tomorrow due to work) on this project to your liking. (this meaning till you accept it i will keep trying)

    My price for this project would be around $55 dollars. No more then that cost though.

    Contact me any way you would like. If you wish to talk more im usually on MSN and AIM. Thank you for your time.
    Joshua A. Rhoads
    My Portfolio
    My Website

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    I had an idea to do the logo in 3d since that is my specialty. Let me know if you like the idea.

    $50 Via Xoom or Uniclear.

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    Request closed

    Thanks to everyone who replied.
    Need reliable hosting?

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