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    Computer Failure....

    So yeah, I was on one of my computers, then all of these little boxes showed up on my screen. I shut off my computer, then turned it on. There was like a pop, then it smells like fireworks. What busted? The smell is all through the house....

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    Maybe the PSU? Open it up and look around for any visual signs of something that went pop.
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    usually when things go pop it's because a capacitor exploded.
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    Re: Computer Failure....

    Originally posted by Camp2Win
    then all of these little boxes showed up on my screen.
    Sounds like you fried your video card.

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    Check your PS, board and CPU. If it's "smelling" then it could be almost anything. Unfortunately, there's nothing that anyone can do without actually seeing the pc itself. Take it into a pro shop and have it looked @ if you don't know what you're doing, save yourself time headache and money that way.
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