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    Crashes / Updating PHP

    Hello there,

    My server seems to crash every so often due to CPU / PHP / Memory use on 1 site especially - or so I think.

    Could one of you techs provide me with a few instructions to track down the problems ?

    I've read a few other post and it seems common solutions are:
    - Update PHP to PHP 4.3.11
    - Install EA Accelerator

    Any help on tracking it down / sloving it would be appreciated


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    eAccellerator caused massive seg faults on a box I looked at recently. The Bear can confirm this...

    As far as the best thing you can do...

    Try this in your crontab:

    ps -auxf && uptime && who >> /root/lastload.txt

    It will output those three until the server crashes. I would also setup something to rotate it daily, otheriwse it could cause problems if you use it for a extended period.
    Dan Sheppard ~ Freelance whatever

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