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    * Is the box hacked?

    Two weired things happened.

    1 after I su, I usded Arrow Up key to use the previous command, and I saw "last | more" which I never used. I checked last | more but so no IP other than from where I log in. Since I have used Su many times, it can not be from the initial setup.

    2 My Mem in Top has always been at least 20M regardless if there is hit on httpd or not. But one day suddenly it dropped to 10M. Since then, it always stays at 10M. So I wonder what made the Mem usage at 20M for 5 days then suddenly dropped back to 10M? Was it some process running in common name.

    I have 2 requests:

    1 How to check if the box is hacked?
    2 How to check the FULL path of the program running in TOP, since it only give me the brife name of the program, such as httpd, sshd, cron. I am worried the hacker may name their programs as httpd too

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    ps -aux | grep programname
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    USA should so something about:

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    It's advisable to have your system admin to do a security audit ASAP.
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    top -c

    to get the whole command line.

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    tail -f /var/log/nerd
    I just posted this 5 mins ago in another forum but install some root kit software and run it daily. Set up logwatch and look at your servers out put everyday.


    Root Kit Hunter:

    Install both of them and run them on a cron daily to email you the results.

    If you are rooted then wipe the box and start fresh, it is the only way to be sure the hacker is out of your system.

    Best of luck to you,

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    That is good advice. I would add that you can't count on the logs if the system has been compromised. Depending on what rootkit is running, you may not see anything unusual.

    Remember - these days most of the "root"ers out there now are pretty invested in flying under the radar so they can keep the box around as a spamming machine or to host phishing sites.

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