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    * Somethings Wrong :(

    Hi Fellow WHT'ers

    I dont know what is wrong with my other account name. I cant reply and i cant post new topic...

    i know i did not do anything wrong to be Banned.

    My Original Nick here is 7thsign Can any Moderators look at my account to tell me what did i do wrong or what is wrong maybe.

    Help pls.
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    7thsign best way to get a hold of them is with the help desk trust me. It can take a little time some times but they will answer your questions you need .
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    Well, you did something wrong, 7thsign: Account Disabled.
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    I know i did not do something wrong cause i was busy this past few days and i just post on lounge reply.. to bad i was on my way for my 700 post

    Hope any Admin or Moderator can go take a look at it. I really love my Nick
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    Contact the the Community Leaders via the help desk.
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