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    [Hiring] Systems Admin/Technical Support

    3+ years experience with Linux in a server environment.
    Experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
    Experience working with cPanel/WHM software in a multi-server environment, offering support to shared and reseller clients/sites.

    Experience with using, configuring and/or compiling; CPanel/WHM, Apache (1.x) and various Apache modules, ProFTPD/PureFTPD, Exim, MySQL, DNS (BIND), OpenSSH, PHP, Frontpage, Mailman, IMAP, SSL (mod_ssl), cron, etc. (Additional knowledge of similar services/software are a bonus, such as; Apache 2.x, DNS using tinydns/djbdns, Qmail/Postfix, PostgreSQL, SNMP, DHCP, chrooting/jailing, etc.).

    You must posses experience offering support in multiple mediums, such as email, support tickets, live chat, etc. Must have experience offering shared and reseller support for software, configuration, hardware issues, as well as assisting clients with script installs, errors, service issues and configuration questions with the common software on web servers (such as FTP, email, frontpage, HTML and basic web site design, ownership & permissions, etc.) that are running standard and custom configurations.

    Must have experience and be comfortable in shell on the command line, using all the common tools and protocols, including basic networking using TCP/IP.

    Experience with the following also helpful, but not required; configuring & compiling kernels from source and creating RPMs is helpful. Experience with security issues, firewalls, etc. Experience installing, configuring and working with Cisco/Extreme switches and routers, VLAN, etc is a bonus. Experience with one of more programming languages a bonus; C, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Java, JSP, etc.

    Please send your resume to [email protected]. There will be no replies to this thread or through PM.
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    pm me with ur MSN messenger details

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    what's the pay rate like.. ?

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