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    Passing the link!!!

    As you will probably tell... I'm very new at this! Please be patient and DON'T LAUGH

    Is there a way to post a link to a file (stored on a shared server) in a private forum and keep that link from being passed on to any other forum or through email?

    I have a website but the files I share with my friends are not related to it and they can be rather large, so I don't want to post them there.

    My problem is that I want to post the link for the 260 or so members of a particular private forum ONLY and it keeps being emailed and reposted and within 2 days it's been loaded 600 times! Not to mention I keep getting leeched!
    *Wouldn't help to password protect it... they'll just pass that on too!
    *Wouldn't help to send the link in email since I don't know how to tell exactly who the culprits are!
    *Can't enable a #quota since it would be the 'reposters' that probably get to it first!
    *B*tching and complaining and even calmly explaining my **$1900 SERVER BILL** apparently didn't work, either!!!!

    Is there any way to disasble transfer of a file once the link leaves a specific place (to email, etc)? The majority of the members are kind-of in the same boat when they've tried to share their files!

    It's sad, but unless any of you can come up with a brilliant solution we won't be able to share our files with each other anymore. You're our last-ditch effort! Thanks so much for being here anyway!

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    Edit your htaccess file to only allow linking from your private forum. It is similar to hotlink prevention. Anyone accessing the files through a link that is not from your private forum site, would be blocked.

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    Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!!
    How do I find out how to do that?

    Will it matter that the forum is not on my own site? Also, I post them in 2 forums. How would I list in the htaccess file the 2 different domains where the links will appear as well as my own website? The examples I've looked up so far only offer protection for content from your own website.

    **Most importantly, will this stop leeching as well?**

    I am very sorry for being so dense, but I want to make sure I've explained it accurately and that I understand how it would work...

    I upload a file to my server in a different directory than my web page content, post a message that includes the link to the file in the 2 different forums (one is a private server forum, the other is a public - but members only- EZboard-type forum) that allows the members to download by 'Right-click & Save-Target-As' and save it to their own hard drive.
    If I do what you're suggesting, would YOU still be able to download the file if a member sent you an email with the copied link?

    Please talk to me like I'm stupid... I am very much a beginner and need some direction as to where to learn all this stuff in simple, IDIOT terms! Know a good link?

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