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    digiSHOP 3.0, your thoughts?

    I was looking at digiSHOP v. 3.0. Anybody else ever look at this? It looks pretty good and seems to have the best admin area I have seen. The two best features for me was the UPS real-time quotes and real-time tracking (seeing the tracking #'s on my site w/o going to UPS is a real plus), plus since I do a lot of pay per click they have a PPC report so i can see how many dollars and sales i have generated with each specific keyword. Those two are real bonuses and will save me a lot of money.

    What is your guys thoughts? Please don't recommend other carts though. I just want to know your thoughts on their new version. This is much better than their previous version.

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    First time I've heard of this. I just visited their web site and have to say the initial impression is quite good in my view. I'm looking forward to any comments WHT members might have to share, hopefully based on experience.
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