I have read through a large number of old threads, but decided I should attempt to post to find a specific answer I couldn't find to my satisfaction.

I am looking for a payment solution for a web-based business that my wife has cooked up. She runs a very successful operation in our local area, but billing customers manually is a major time expense for her (read: me!). Printing bills, mailing them, following up, etc really drains her time to go forward on other projects.

The average ticket would be somewhere around 15.00-30.00, once a month, for probably about 5-20 customers after about six months.

I am programmer by trade and am not afraid of some serious programming. But I can't seem to find a good solution. A simple "virtual terminal" only package would be great: collect the information securely and she can manually process the transactions on an as needed basis.

Can anyone recommend something? Please, don't say PayPal. I had to practically sue (yes, serve them any everything) with papers a few years back before they'd release funds that I had legitimately kept in thier coffers.

Ideally the solution would be "one-stop" - processing and merchant account all together. But I am flexible! The only real requirement is that I don't want the users having to leave her site to complete the transaction.

Thanks in advance guys!