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    Serv-u VS Gene6 FTP? Which is better?

    Serv-u VS Gene6 FTP? Which is better?

    I'm configuring a new win2003 server for web hosting.

    Which ftp server app is a better choice?

    I have used Serv-U mostly, and it seems ok. Gene6 looks cooler, but have never used it.


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    We use Serv-U here as well - with Windows 2003. No problems ever reported with it and I figure why change?

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    I have recently installed Gene6 and I have found it to be very fast and stable. I have not tried Serv-U so I cant compare but Gene6 does have my thumbs up. I like the admin - very clean and works well with Helm.

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    looking at the GUI's, it looks like gene6 blows Seru away in usability.

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    Serv-U is way better. I remember Gene6 have some problems with large sized directories where as Serv-U just goes right through it no problem. Serv-U all the way
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    Serv-U is way better

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    Yes i use Serv-U and it is awsome, fantastic, has loads of options, and all i love it!

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