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    CentOS Desktop


    Not sure if this post is appropriate here, but does anyone have a complete list of software that can be installed on a RedHat/CentOS desktop system?

    So other than OpenOffice, what other good stable products are available for a desktop system?

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    I use centos4 on my desktop (and also on my laptop) and its nice, great to be free from windows..

    I don't have a list of whats available but there's loads and loads of stuff that you can just 'yum install' plus plenty of other rpm's and others available elsewhere.

    Main things I use are firefox, thunderbird, gaim, openoffice, gedit, gftp, mplayer, bittorent, firestarter, along with the usual linux command line stuff (ssh etc.)

    You could browse through the centos mirror to see what else is available..

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