My names Adam Livesley, im planning on starting a new site abit like www.Launch.co.uk from Yahoo. And im looking for a dedicated hardworking business partner.

What will be involved?
We will both have to build the whole system so that it will allow for easy updating, and so that we can easily add streaming videos. The videos will all be streamed from a dedicated streaming windows server, running Windows Server 2003. As we expand we would be adding more servers to the network. The actual site will be on a Linux Dedicated Box, where we can transfer streaming requests from the Windows Box.

As well as having Music Videos, we can offer Movie Trailers, Game Trailers and short film clips. All videos will have full permission from the copyright owner. Were not intending on breaking the law.

The Pay.
As this would be a partnership i can not offer any form of upfront payment. But all profits would be split evenly. And fairly. The site will bring in money from advertising, and from a Premium service. Advertisors will be able to advertise in between Streamed Videos and via 468 x 60 Banners.

What skills do I need?
The ideal partner would be creative and outgoing. The following skills are a plus and are not required enless they have a * next to them.
- PHP / SQL or ASP or ASP .Net *
- Experience of Streaming Media
- Web Design
- Windows / Linux Remote Administration
- Experience in the Business Field
- Music / Movie Lover *

How do I apply?
If you wish to apply please send your CV (Resume) and / or any other information you would like me to know to:

[email protected] or Add me to your MSN : [email protected]