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    Mysql problem with my web host

    Hi there

    My website been down from Saturday (until now).
    sent many emails to the web host company but still no reply. Only announcement on their site saying problem about MYSQL on their website.

    My site is using mambo so obviously the site not coming up at all. And also the other 4 websites that run on the same account. I am looking for a web host company that is reliable and offers WHM control panel, 4000 MB space , 100 gig bandwith, total DNS control, unlimited domains(reseller account), apache server, allow mod rewrite, willing to pay around $25 per month.

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    you can check on their reseller plan.

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    Use the "search button" at the top of the page, near profile.

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    Also you can check out to find some offers
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    Many thanks for the reply. I have chosen a web hosting now for my site.

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