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    Provider questions

    Does anyone know of any providers that would fall under the following set of criteria?

    1) Has more than one GigE level inbound ingress
    2) Has more than one GigE level outbound egress
    3) Is willing to filter denial of service attacks up to ~100mbps/s at no charge to the customer
    4) Allows IRC, and does not perform any inbound/outbound port filtering (i.e., no UDP 25137)
    5) Provides Debian, FreeBSD 5.x or Gentoo as an available OS
    6) Has dedicated machines with >=2.0GHz P4 or AMD systems (no Celerons/Durons/Semprons)
    7) Has dedicated machines with >=512MB RAM
    8) Has dedicated machines with >=40GB hard drives
    9) Can provide up to a /27 of IP addresses
    10) Is not affiliated with Staminus or Gigeservers
    11) Can provide raw bandwidth (1000-2000GB per month) or 95th
    percentile 1/5/10mbps blocks
    12) Cost would be under $300/month
    13) Does not rely heavily on (or at all) on Cogent bandwidth


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    What's wrong with using Cogent? theyre stable and pretty fast

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    cogent is good bandwidth man, have you tried it because you can't knock till ya try it. i have had experiences with it good and bad but not it seems to be far superiour to previous years.

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    I think EV1Servers may fit your requirements.

    And there is nothing wrong with Cogent bandwidth, I can attest to that.

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    Ev1Servers would be fine however, they don't allow linked IRCD servers. I am curious on this as well as I am looking for a dedicated provider that can do just about everything this post is asking for. My problem with cojunk (cogent) is that they atleast in the houston area are known for crappy routing and connectivity.

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