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    js and replace()

    i need to replace all instance of any values of capital letters in the string content. however i cannot seem to get this to work. some examples of the code are:

    content = content.replace(/"[Word]"/gi,"[word]");
    content = content.replace(/"[\/Word]"/gi,"[\/word]");

    i donnot know too much about js, so sorry for any really obvious mistakes.
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    leave off the quotation marks and square brackets:

    content = content.replace(/Word/gi, "word");

    There's also String.toLowerCase:

    content = content.toLowerCase();

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    well tolowercase wont work because i dont want the entire string to be lowercase. and i need the brackets because i may have a string
    i got [g] 2 dollars [/g] or something like that. so brackets defferientiate between [g] and the g in got.
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    ah, then you need to escape the brackets, because they have a special meaning in RegExps: content.replace(/\[Word\]/gi, "[word]"). This should lowercase all expressions inside square brackets:

    content.replace(/\[[^\]]+\]/gi, function(str) { return str.toLowerCase(); })

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    yes once i did the \ before the brackets it all works perfectly thanks!
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