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    Is it good to allow clients to sign up domain only?


    I need your precious comments. Which of the following is better in running hosting business:

    1. Allow clients to either sign up domain or hosting.

    2. Sign up a hosting plan and provide a free domain. (Client cannot sign up domain only)
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    Its all a matter of marketing, if you want to atract costumers, offer the domain. If you want flexibility give them the chance to opt for a domain name or for a hosting package.

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    Ya its a great idea, be really helpful and show them how to do DNS or do it for them, then when they have a problem at their current host or down the road when they want hosting they will remember you. Wouldn't hurt to add their email to a list to email in a few months about their domain and making sure everything is ok.

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    its good to get the client to sign up for a domain only.. cause later on you can approach them for web hosting as well.

    in most cases clients that sign up for a NEW domain will host with you as well.


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    I agree with Joel, but make sure you DO NOT give out FREE domains with every package. Only give it away with ANNUAL ones.
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