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    Hosting Template w/ Flash & domain

    I am selling this template and domain that I intended to use for a web hosting business, but decided to get into something else.

    Included with this sale:

    All ownership rights.
    All PSD's, fonts and logo
    Flash source .fla
    Coded index page
    Domain name

    No modifications will be offered as I am not a web designer but all sources are included so for someone that knows how it should be very simple.

    Starting bid $85.00 BIN price $150.00

    This template is unique and will not be resold.

    The template with flash header can be found here:

    Interested parties should reply here or via pm.

    Payment via : Paypal

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    just curious, are you able to make some changes to the flash by any chance?

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    Sorry, I am not fimiliar with flash either, the complete source for the flash is included though and can be modified how you want, I just dont know how to do it properly.

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    If you are interested in the template but need flash modifications that you are not able to do yourself, I would be willing to work with you on the price, that way you could get someone who knows how to do it.

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    I am interested, do you have MSN or YIM messenger?

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    Sorry I dont use instant messengers as I am hardly ever sitting in front of a pc long enough, as I travel quite a bit. The best bet is pm or email through here as I can receive them on my blackberry.

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    I am lowering the BIN price to $100.00 on this offer.

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