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    Angry Sultanhost!

    To the view sultanhost it doesn't surrender with the international standards to be able to offer service of web hosting, dedicated servers by no means resellers.

    It has warned them for days that it would cancel my contract all this with the time and form that they request so that when the cutoff date arrives they don't take out you or they take you the charge to your card.

    And without but warnings changed me the password of my WHM, for what I take days requesting the one for that of this action and demanding that me reset my password, all this without obtaining answer some.

    Their support service is an alone dirt they answer when they want and they are not understood in occasions what they request. A form should exist of to demand them legally to these people or to demand that they fulfill norms ISO to lend the services that they offers.

    It changes me to HostDime and believe me that the support is very quick and very comprehensible. Of the three suppliers that I have had this it's has looked like each other of the best.
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    Good you are happy with your new provider, best thing to do before deciding wich company to stick with is to test it first on a trial or a 30 days money back guarantee. Test all the services and multiple hosts before you dicide wich one to stick with. Support, knowledge, relaiability.

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    This must have been Babelfish'ed for which I commend the effort of posting this review. He must have so upset to have done that.

    Web Hosting? Been there. Done that.
    I am niyogi.

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