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    Highly Skilled PHP/MySQL Developer Available

    I've been working with PHP and MySQL for the past few years and have come out with a highly reputable resume under my belt. I've developed from small news sites to large communities housing thousands of people. Small town discussion halls to vastly expandable forum software (to be released later this year) and so on.

    Past Work
    View resume

    With these fine examples of web development under my belt, and many more not listed, I'm sure I can build what you need, and even make it bigger and better then ever before.

    Contact Information
    Phone - 1-469-223-7994
    Email - [email protected]
    AOL Instant Messenger - onlygeeks
    MSN Messenger - [email protected]
    Yahoo Messenger - perfectphp

    I can build your next online community.

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    Due to lack of ability to edit the post, here's the correct link to my resume:

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