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    * Reseller || 5GB Storage / 100GB Bandwidth [9.95/month]

    Reseller 5GB Storage 100GB Bandwidth [$9.95/month] --> ORDER NOW <--
    Reseller 10GB Storage 100GB Bandwidth [$16.95/month] --> ORDER NOW <--
    Reseller 15GB Storage 200GB Bandwidth [$21.95/month] --> ORDER NOW <--
    Reseller 20GB Storage 200GB Bandwidth [$29.95/month] --> ORDER NOW <--


    Account Features

    Web Control Panel: cPanel (Always latest stable version)
    Hostable Accounts: UNLIMITED
    E-Mail Forwarders: UNLIMITED
    Mailing Lists: UNLIMITED
    Mail Blocking: UNLIMITED
    Sub Domains: UNLIMITED
    FTP Accounts: UNLIMITED
    Web Based E-Mail: UNLIMITED
    CGI, Perl and PHP: YES
    SSI: YES
    MySQL Databases: UNLIMITED
    PHPMyAdmin: YES
    Cron Jobs: UNLIMITED
    Web Bases Statistics: YES
    Password Protection: YES
    MX Record Changes: YES
    Anon. FTP: YES
    Shopping Cart: YES
    Custom Error Pages: YES
    FrontPage Extensions: YES

    cPanel/WHM Control Panel
    All of our accounts come with the cPanel control panel by DarkOrb Technologies. This is the #1 control panel software and totally outdoes plesk and ensim in a number of areas. This software was designed to allow you, as the controller of your website, the ability to maintain everything from email addresses to message boards with a click of the mouse.

    Lifetime Price Guarantee!
    Once you purchase an account you are guaranteed your price will never increase. As long as you keep the account open you will get the same price!

    No Setup Fees!
    We do not have setup fees on any of our hosting accounts and never will!

    No Advertising
    We will never advertise on any of your web space in any way at any time. We have a very hard spam policy and do everything we can to keep your space with us ad-free!


    What makes us different than the rest?
    Quality - All servers housed in the highest quality facilities
    Support - 24x7x365 technical support TEAM! [Email/Tickets and optional AIM/MSN support]
    Managed Servers - Proactive system administration
    Value - Unmatched price for the services we offer!



    Domain - $12/year
    Dedicated IP - $1.50/month or $15/year

    Site -
    Forums -
    E-Mail - accounts [at]

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    why is there no increase in the bandwidth for this plan?

    Reseller 20GB Storage 200GB Bandwidth [$29.95/month]

    when the bandwidth doubles between these two:

    Reseller 10GB Storage 100GB Bandwidth [$16.95/month] --> ORDER NOW <--
    Reseller 15GB Storage 200GB Bandwidth [$21.95/month] --> ORDER NOW <--

    all for just $5 extra?

    You get 5GB plus another 100Gb bandwidth to and just 5GB of space and no bandwidth for the extra $8 on the other reseller.

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    Its just the way the pricing works out .

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    Can you match the following requirements:

    Host must allow adult content on sites that have disclaimers.
    Host must be able to prove that they have been in business for 2+ yrs.
    Host must host over 50+ customers (Shared/Resellers) and must be able to prove it.
    Host must offer PHP+ PHP-Nuke + Mambo support free of charge.
    CPanel + WHM + Fantastico... Unless windows based and your control panel is easier to use with same amount of features.
    Unlimited domains/sub is a a must.
    Unlimited FTP.
    Host must help with move of 7 sites (phpnuke and html based) along with thier email accounts.

    SSH+Telnet+IRC+Shell+ 1 Private Nameserver and IP address is also a plus.
    24/7 365 Technical Support
    Questions: [email protected]
    Support: [email protected]

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    - legal adult content / traffic is fine
    - as you can see by our whois we have been under block9hosting since 29-feb-2004
    - again you can look at the whois for our main domain and see that there are at least 140 domains hosted on that one shared ip. We host roughly 520 public domains on our shared ips (on multiple servers)
    - our servers support them scripts however we do not provide direct support for problems with the script (you need to contact the vendor for that or view their community forums)
    - 'Unlimited' domains, sub-domains and ftp is allowed
    - we will transfer your accounts for you provided they are comming off a server with cPanel
    - ssh/irc/shell is NOT provided
    - we do not yet have rvskins but are making plans to get them
    - private ips must be purchased
    - you get 2 custom nameservers on shared ips

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