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    Need a HTML coder

    Ok, I am really swamped with work, and I need someone to code this design:
    You must be able to code this exactly how it looks in the jpg. Again, JUST how it looks in the jpg
    You must have previous work. A little test to show whether or not you can do this, is the login fields. You have to be able to know how to take the border off.
    I would like to work around 50 dollars, for the whole site, 5 pages. The other page designs are VERY simillar to the first, so it won't be to hard. honestly, this would take me 2-3 hrs to code, but I dont have that time. If you do well in this, you will get all my coding work, which could amount to a lot.
    I would like to have this up ASAP, like, by tomorrow night.
    Don't contact me if you cant do this.
    Josh Puckett
    iDeviseFlash /-/ 859.663.1347 /-/ [email protected]

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    I would easily be able to do this for you.

    Email and MSN: karl [@] karl 89 . co . uk.


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    I'll do it for $40. PM with whatcha think.

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    i could to do this

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    position filled. Thanks for all the emails and replies.

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    we can do this with 80 $

    PM for more info.

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    errr, can you read?

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    Lol. Apprently not very well. J/k.

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