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    VB Expert Needed!

    I need a flat out VB expert. I am not looking for someone who has installed a hack here or there.

    I am looking for someone to fix something for me that knows VB inside and out and I am willing to pay for it.

    I have a problem with the ustore/ucash hack. I have edited all the backend files (went good), installed the script (went good), then edited the template (went bad).

    The shop does not work. I want this fixed.

    I am only willing to accept offers from people who

    1.) Know what they are doing (expert, nothing less)
    2.) Are good standing on this board
    3.) Are completely trustworthy
    4.) Use paypal

    PM me for any questions and tell me what your charge is for the fixing (completion) of the ustore/ucash hack on my box. Please be reasonable..however I expect to pay a preminum for your services so that is fine. I am not cheap...but also not dumb

    FYI. If you dont work with VB every single day and dream of VB then I myself do not consider you an expert...please keep this in mind when replying. I need this done right and quick.

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    i could help u

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    Ok, can ANYONE ELSE help me whose account is not suspended and can elaborate somewhat and can spell halfway (just halfway) decent?

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    I'm helping Wearing Grey with this issue. Thanks.
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