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    I do not recommend

    --What happened on me as a former winlogical reseller


    I am a former winlogical reseller. All know that it is said to be acquired by

    After a period of not knowing what happend and not able 2 use the server, I got the truth from this forum just 2 days ago. So I think, ok, forget it, just turn to

    Another thing I have to mention is that I received a notice for payment, saying I need to pay winlogical's plan for May. I just ignored, because I did not know what happened and could not use the HELM to control my sites -- I was thinking of moving them to some other servers.

    What I have to tell is that during the winlogical's vanishing, I was never informed the truth, just kowing the site pointed 2 another site obiously not the same company, and, the HELM login IP was changed so no way to login.

    I sent them a message in this forum asking them if I can switch to them, if could, do that and pay a.s.a.p. that day for their new reseller plan. And, I need to move my sites to their new server but not staying in the present server because winlogical had ever migrated my server and caused some modules unable 2 work after that.

    So that's the reply i got from them:


    Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

    WinLogical is operated by us.?All WinLogical and servers are the same!


    You are required to pay for services as your website was still active and if you forgot your password, there is a “forgot password?button OR you could have emailed us!!!!


    I have controlled WinLogical for months even before the takeover!


    Now you were not abandoned to use WinLogical, you are a customer! Your website is on a server already!


    If you have problems with your site that is your duty to email [email protected]!


    I have kindly upgraded your account, but I want payment made for last month.?You must update your CC records today!?I have told you already how.


    Thanks, ?????.



    From: Sking Zen [mailto[email protected]]
    Sent: Monday, 13 June 2005 10:22 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: WinLogical Client


    Hi dear ?????,

    Thanks a lot for the help!

    I want to discuss the followings:

    1. I do not want 2 use winlogical any more, just wanna switch 2 some other windows reseller plan. And, I do not think I need 2 pay for the what called due bill for May produced from winlogical. Because I could not_control the sites for months.

    2. Just wanto to know if you can clean that due bill in winlogical for me and open another reseller account in your company. If can, do thet today.

    3. If openning a new account, I'd like to change to your new server, if you have. Because winlogical changed their server some months ago and made some modules for my sites unable 2 work. Because I was_abandoned to use winlogical so I did not_work out what was the problem.

    Wating for your reply and may you have a nice day!


    My reply:

    Ok ?????,

    I do not think that's a kind manner 2 deal with the customers.

    Pls confirm how can I control the winlogical account? The HELM control pannel's IP was changed but nobody informed us. -- U can try it. If u do not know that, I can tell u. --And u know it is not because I forgot the password. I have my password but nowhere to log into!

    And, winlogical is obviously down but no body informed us just asking to pay for the bill! -- I try 2 got the truth form webhostingtalk. I insist that the reasonable manner is to inform all the former customers what happened and let them to select if want to stay of switch. -- And, the situation of mine is that I had no way to switch or control my account because I could not log onto the HELM pannel -- I told u the login IP changed!

    Waiting for the prompt reply!


    TILL NOW I got no answer, just silence. So I think I have to come here to tell what happened on me, just telling the truth.

    I think the answer is RUDE, obviously not a professional manner. I do think that's not a nice way to treat the customers and not the wise way to do business.

    I also strongly doubt if they behave with that manner, winlogical's story will happen again on the in the coming future.

    And no one told me the truth and let me to select if I'd happy to go on with the new company.

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    1. I think they need to tell the truth and let all the customers to choose. (Also they must inform the change of HELM IP during the period of taking over) . No need to hide and no way to force the former customers to stay.

    2. Talk with the customers kindly, in a professional way.

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    Sking, Fact of the matter, you need to pay your bill. Please don't go off whinging - again fact of the matter is that you have overdue bills.

    You refused to pay for a bill because you didn't know your control panel IP. Its called emailing support and asking....

    You refuse to pay your bill and you provide FALSE personal details. I tried to phone call you and your phone number is FALSE!

    What can I say.

    Lastly, we bought WinLogical after the server move. The **Previous** owner, repeat **previous** emailed everyone to tell you to change your server IP etc.

    Now the last part has nothing to do with us, it was the previous owner who did this. So please do not blame me, or our business. We did not change anything since running WinLogical. All servers are the same.

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    Originally posted by sking
    1. I think they need to tell the truth and let all the customers to choose. (Also they must inform the change of HELM IP during the period of taking over) . No need to hide and no way to force the former customers to stay.

    2. Talk with the customers kindly, in a professional way.
    The move to the new server happened 3 months before the take over. We took it over and didn't even touch anything.

    If you are not happy, then I think its highly childish to whinge on WHT. Pay your bill or try another provider. There was a support desk you could have emailed for months and didn't.


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    Hi, the truth is that no one informed us what happened and as a former reseller, I HAD NO WAY TO LOGIN THE HELM CONSOLE! The login IP changed . --I got the new URL just yesterday from your company on request.

    The winlogical is obviously down and unable to control my sites for such a long time but nobody told me how to do and what happened! --BUT JUST ASKING TO PAY THE BILL!

    Do you still think I was using the server before and do you still think I meed to pay for the bill for May??

    Even I asked to be a new reseller of your company, I got such an unprofessional reply! --Or, I think it is RUDE!

    --I lefe an private mesage in this forum to YINGYING, but a MARAS sent me emails, gave me that answer!

    It is not the matter of $14.99 for may's bill but the altitude of your company treating the customers in that terrible manner!

    --I prefer to donate $1499 to any other party but will NEVER PAY THAT $14.99 to serverdivision , because I DID NOT USE the service! --AND IN FACT THAT CAUSED ME IN TROUBLE BECAUSE I COULD NOT CONTROL MY SITES DURING THAT PERIOD!

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    --You refuse to pay your bill and you provide FALSE personal details---------HEY, I HAVE NO NEEDS TO PROVIDE FAULSE PERSONAL INFO!

    --just because i moved and then winlogical changed the HELM login url, no way to login and change my add and ph #! --And yiou can email me if want!

    --And i checked again all my emails, no email telling me the change of the HELM URL and the truth of taking over!

    --And, pls read the reply from the called MARAS, do u think that's a polite way to speak with the buyers?

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    YYC, just want 2 tell that anybody in the company facing the customers is important.

    I am not childish, but unpleasant with the manner that said BUSINESS MANAGER MARAS treated me. I doubt that MARAS is childish.


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    Cat fights over whether you received an email of a change of service should be left off forums. Honestly, it could have been as simple as HOTMAIL placing the email in a JUNK folder.

    I don't understand why you use PM's to contact us for support initially (yesterday), if this matter happened 6 months ago, why didn't you send us an email to the support desk?

    I truely believe 99% of visitors here don't care about this thread.

    1. Telecom New Zealand insists your phone number is invalid format and incorrect.

    2. A simple email to support would have resolved your problems months ago.

    3. Going to's website explains where to get support, and has never been down.

    If you wish to discuss this privately, please PM me.

    Ying Ying Cheng.

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    Just wondering why can not admit if that's not a good way 2 treat the customers.

    And, I doubt if the PH # I registered is wrong or not, I think it should be right, BUT I SAID I CHANGED MY # AFTER MOVE but could not login 2 change. Because I could not login to check it now, ur company suspended it. AND, EVEN IF IT IS WRONG, U CAN STILL EMAIL ME.

    I checked certainly the junk fold, no one told me the HELM's URL changed. In fact, I do not care the taking over but I need 2 be informed esp the URL!

    The reason why I give u private message here is I went here to study what happened with winlogical and finally found the truth so I send u a msg asking to be ur new customer.

    --If not hiding, just frankly telling the truth, if informing the HELM's changed IP, if considering the different situation and be nice 2 the customers, things could go other side.

    I prefer not 2 discuss that anymore, I came here just 2 tell the truth and my own feeling.

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    ServerDivision.Com is a good company. You just need to take the message in the proper channel.

    Try to use their support desk and you will get a proper and polite answer.
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    i believe that clients should be announced anyway so if they did it and got into junk mail at least they did it.

    I like prices and i like the combo feature )

    sorry for you sking. you are right, but also they are.

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    The problem is not $

    Yes, I was happy 2 get the truth and was welling 2 find out serverdivision, thinking they can let me stay there.

    So I was sooo happy 2 ask 2 be a new member but was RUDELY treated, just asking me 2 pay the May's bill although I could not use the server for months!

    I explained and waited for one day, the one who badly treated me just would not reply any more. So I went here 2 tell what happened.

    My opinion is the attitude sometimes means everything.
    --2 be straight, frank, willing 2 admit the mistake, and, speak/ email with politeness.

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    my experience with them has been excellent

    For anyone stumbling onto this thread, I wanted to say that my experience with has been nothing but excellent for the last three+ months.

    I've opened several accounts with them (for myself and multiple clients) and every help ticket (technical or sales) has been answered quickly and politely without exception. In fact, my experience has been that their staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty in most cases.

    The situation on this thread seems to root from a *lack* of communication more than anything else.

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    I have to second that they are prompt to answers. When it comes to pre-sales at least. But, when you see that answer e-mailed to one of their customers, that didn't even choose to be their customer, you start wondering how professional people could be. Same goes to some of the answers I've seen publicly on this forum from Vortech and DIY.

    This is a business you should treat it as such, not as a playground for 4 year old kids.

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    I can only speak about my experience with them which has been excellent. The people I've dealt with at their company have always been personable and helpful, and I've had some extensive email contact with them during the last few months.

    Based on the emails that were posted at the start of this thread, it looks like we're only seeing the end of a long on-going conversation -- doesn't seem like you can make a judgement from just reading the very end of a debate.

    My two cents.

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    On the other hand, didnt this sking user have a problem getting into his account? Perhaps he didnt want to pay his bills because he was not given a service... i know that's how it was on my end [not with the same domain though] ... and to have an employee of serverdomain reply, they are obviously going to defend their work place thing.
    Anyway... my point is... although this guy had overdue fines, perhaps he refused to pay because he was not given the serivice he was after!!

    I'm also speaking due of my own experience...not with serverdomain, but with the email tango between customer and client where the client wont assist in helping to answer questions before they request payment.

    ... but if sking is the bad person ...then i hope he rots in hell for trying to make people side with him!

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    This thread has gone into a whine fest. Pay the bill, if you dont want then anymore leave. Plain and simple. ::
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    OK, I'd like 2 close this thread, if i can.

    Things were easy, maybe caused just lacking of communication, as someone said. Also patince, I insist.

    But I was only gien the HELM login IP, so after it changed, not informed and told the URL, then no way 2 login for long time. -- I know someone (even myself) does like 2 give out URL but IP, so even url remain the same but IP changed, the matter arises.

    So I was unpleasant 2 be asked 2 pay the pay bill because I felt in the black box and unable 2 control my sites. Their reason I need 2 pay was that my sites still there, no matter I can control or not. And they thought I could control.

    And, if I got a patient reply 2 discuss that, things will never happen. Also I understand sometimes ppl will lose patience.

    Still I'd claim I am not the kind of mean person not willing 2 pay the bill, just wanna a reason or ask 2 be treated kindly. I never lose patience with my clients.

    It is not so easy 2 survive in this industry, I 'd like 2 forget everything and hope YYC can improve her company and finally succeed.
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    Originally posted by claybird
    Based on the emails that were posted at the start of this thread, it looks like we're only seeing the end of a long on-going conversation -- doesn't seem like you can make a judgement from just reading the very end of a debate.

    My two cents.
    This is business. Not a cat fight. You should treat your customers with respect if you want to be respected. Doesn't matter if the customer is misbehaving, you're the business owner, you need to clear things up without falling into the trap.

    Too many unproffesional people around. That's my 1 cent.

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    I spotted this thread and felt i should register and reply, I used WHT extensively when researching which reseller to use. My main requirements were (and still are) good reliability, good support, felxible hosting (i needed to be able to host php, asp, .net and cfmx), a decent control panel and all at a reasonable price.

    I was previously with a single domain coldfusion host that i'd had very few problems with and didn't really want to leave (as they had been so good) however i needed more space, more bandwidth and a reseller account so i could add more domains.

    I eventually settled on serverdivision about 4 months ago and have been very pleased that i did. The original move over was smooth, any small issues were ironed out quickly and painlessly. Uptime has been excellent, I have been pre-warned about any (planned) maintenance well in advance.

    Support tickets have always been dealt with quickly and effeciently, i've had a few problems along the way but all have been resolved and i'm more than happy with the way they work.

    I'm happy with the price i'm paying and feel i am getting good value for money (there are cheaper solutions around but i do feel you get what you pay for and serverdivision seem to have found a good balance).

    Anyway i just wanted to say i would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a windows based reseller solution (all i've used).

    A few things i'd like to see improved:

    Better webmail solution (this is a personal thing but i think mail enable is pretty weak compared to smartermail).

    Equally i'd like better stats package/s to choose from than awstats (smarterstats or urchin).

    That really is all i can 'complain' about though, and neither of those are actually very serious problems!

    My only concern now is that i may have to move to a dedicated solution in the future and i'll have to work out how to sort the box out myself!
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