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    I am considering selling Email Insults.

    It is custom coded (currently finishing up the admin panel for the backend) by myself using PHP / MYSQL, which includes the script that runs the main portion of the website, the link exchange scripting, and the email advertising scripting.

    The main script for the website include a custom-coded tell-a-friend script which appears after each email insult that is sent.

    The link exchange script creates unique URL's for the referrers and then autoranks them on the website.

    The email advertising script allows for the creation of advertising campaigns. It is currently setup to email nightly statistics to all active advertisers (those who have impressions remaining). It automatically counts all impressions and keeps track of all the click-thrus. Advertisers can have single or multiple accounts and by the end of the week will have a control panel to have an up-to-date status of their campaigns.

    The admin panel for the whole website should be completed by the end of the week that will incoporate administration for all 3 script modules. I haven't been using one since its really easy for me to update it by hand since I coded it

    Stats: We are currently averaging around 69 unique visitors per day and over 260 pageviews per day.

    Income: We just implemented the Adsense aspect of the website so there are no stats as to that. As far as the email advertising, that too is new and we have been giving out free ads on it to test the system.

    Search Engines:

    It is currently ranked #1 for "email insults" and email insults in Google

    #24 in Yahoo! for email insults and #3 for "email insults"

    Price: Taking offers via THREAD or PM - I am looking in the xxx to xxxx range.

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    good luck with the sale

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    Thanks Grace!

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    I insulted myself as a test


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    Thanks for the comments everyone! It was a very fun site to build and promote and would love to have a fellow WebhostingTalk member own it

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    24 Hour BIN Price of only $600.00. Post SOLD and PM

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    24 Hour BIN Price of only $500.00. Post SOLD and PM

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