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    Video Limitations

    Hello again,

    I really thought I had chosen HR as a host, but I found out that they no not support QT video. I'm the Mac guy that was asking newbie questions last week and it seemed like the Mac factor was not an issue, but I must be able to have hi res video on the site. All of mystuff is Quick Time. HR supports Real Media only. Is it possible to play the video from the site, or will clients have to download the video? Sorry for the simple questions...


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    I'm sure that if you have a QT enabled host, either of the options would be available. I've seen many sites which allow QT streaming off the site. Especially ones with film trailers etc. If you find a host with them, check with them just to make sure. Would you prefer it if it could be streamed?

    Matt Midgley

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    Contact EGIhosting. They'll find you the solution.

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