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    Image Sites

    Has anyone considered banning these types of websites from their servers? After today, and after hearing of the numerous stories, I think it's time that I put in place a rule banning them. In my opinion, it's almost necessary due to the fact that you're unable to police the type of content being uploaded on the server, which a host must do in order to avoid child pornography and other misc. photo's that a host really doesn't want on their servers.

    I'd be interested in hearing everyone else's opinion on these sites however.

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    If they are being a probleem on your host specifically and complaints are being brought up against certain image uploading sites, then suspend only those accounts.

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    I donít believe that you should penalise the majority simply because the minority are causing a problem. Thatís not the solution to the problem. If you encounter problems with certain accounts, or receive complaints in regards to certain accounts, then as has been said simply suspend those accounts.

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    I would treat it like any other site you host. If they allow banned material, then ban them.

    I run an image hosting site. Mine is now big enough that it is on its own server, but it was originally on a standard hosting account. I, like many other image host webmasters, am very strict about material uploaded. Banned material is never up there for more than a few hours at most as I review every image (with some help).

    Just remember, an image host is a bit like a web host. As a web host, your clients may upload websites with banned material. You then have to notice this and remove the material - you can never stop the material going up there in a the first place. It all depends on how responsible the image host webmaster is. If they take action fast then there is no problem. Afterall, you would not like it if a client of yours uploaded some naughty stuff to their hosting account and you got banned from your data center for it.

    Now having said all this... It can be a lot of work for you to keep checking that the image hoster is responsible. So, econimically, it may make sence just not to allow them. Afterall, it is your server (or reseller account), so you have the right to choose.

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    Then again, it's a bit hard to tell whether your clients have uploaded copyrighted material or pornography for that matter. Unless of course you do server audits (which are highly recommended, btw). In any case, you shouldn't put a strict ban on this but, if a site that has an image uploading software is causing problems, you should ask them to move out of the shared environment and recommend a VPS or Dedicated offering instead. Then again, it is your server, you can police it the way you want to. It's your decision whether you think image hosting websites cause problems or not.

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