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    Registerfly Problem - Websitesource Same?

    I have problems with registerfly
    the server is 20% down-time
    registerfly is a good domain register but not a good host
    If i change to websitesource will i have the same problem?
    do you have any expirience with websitesource?

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    Never heard about websitesource, but talking about registerfly, has the name says they are good in domain registrations. Web hosting is not they're speciality.

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    Re: Registerfly Problem - Websitesource Same?

    Originally posted by Bill_Iridion
    do you have any expirience with websitesource?
    You might want to try using the search button here in the forum to look at feedback on websitesource. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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