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    Software Problem on Dedicated Server...Not a Problem on Shared??

    I purchased a dedicated server a couple months ago and have been slowly moving a few sites that I have on shared servers to my the dedicated server. I have run across a strange problem that I hope someone can help me solve. Below are the details.

    I have Wordpress blogs (an open source blog program) installed on my Shared account and they install and work fine. But when I install the program on my dedicated server I have a couple of problems that don't show-up on my shared account.

    1. The program has a folder for file uploads. However, I get the following error on my dedicated server. I thought my dedicated may be unzipping the file without the proper directory and file permissions, but I checked all the program directories and file permissions between the two servers and they are all identical. One other bit of interesting info...the upload directory is set to 755 on both servers...I don't get the error on my shared server, but do on the dedicated...if I change the permissions to 777 on the dedicated, then that solves the problem.
    It doesn't look like you can use the file upload feature at this time because the directory you have specified (/home/extremec/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/upload) doesn't appear to be writable by WordPress. Check the permissions on the directory and for typos.
    2. I use a WYSIWYG editor plugin on this software that works fine on my shared server, but doesn't on my dedicated. The icons for the editor don't show on my dedicated server...see image at following link: and when I activate the WYSIWIG editor, I sometimes get the following error when I navigate to other areas in the software:

    None of these problems occur on the shared server...everything is installed in the exact same locations and all file permissions are identical.

    Here is a screenshot of my shared server information from cpanel:

    Here is a screenshot of my dedicated server information from cpanel:

    Given all this, I'm sure it's not a problem with Wordpress or the WYSIWIG editor. There has to be some setting on my dedicated server that needs "tweeking", but I've looked at all the settings in my WHM and am at a loss to determine what it is.

    I know this is a long message, but I would appreciate any suggestions.



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    You should never have a need to use an 777 permission!
    Do not do that, ever.
    Even though they both are 755, the owner might differ. 755 means that only the owner can write.

    In my opinion, if you aren't compotent enough to understand these relatively simple error messages, you should hire a server administrator or get a fully managed server.
    Just my two cents
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    I understand the difference between 777 and 755...I was just stating that one server workes fine with 755 and the other doesn't....this could be valuable information to someone when disagnoising a problem.

    Of course, an incompetent trouble shooter may not understand that...just my opinion

    I'm the first to admit that I'm not a guru web-administrator...that's why I ask questions here....and many times, I answer questions here when I can help.

    Not much help....but thanks anyway.

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    On the shared server they may be running phpsuexec which would result in all of your scripts being run under your name. This would allow you to write into a directory that was only 755 if you are not running it on your dedicated server then that will be your problem.
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    Thanks for the tip Trigger...phpsuexec was not installed on my dedicated server. I installed it and that solved the upload problem.

    I'm still having a problem with the icons not loading in the WYSIWYG plugin on my dedicated. This seems to be associated with IE.

    The icons load fine on my shared server in IE and Netscape.

    On my dedicated server, the icons load fine in Netscape but not IE.

    I've been working on this problem all day with a couple of luck figuring this one out yet. We're not sure what could be configured differently on the server side to cause this problem in IE from the dedicated server, but not the shared server


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