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    Javascript error

    I am trying to make a custom page for an applet we use in house. For some reason, the applet doesn't seem to run when the user clicks on the link.

    Here is a snippet of the code:

    <td width="100"><center>
    <a href="javascript:Launch('applet/applet.html')"> <br>
    <td width=200><p align="center"><a href="javascript:Launch('applet/applet.html')"><img src="img/applet.gif" alt="AppGate Applet" width="68" height="68" border="0"></a> <br>
    <a href="javascript:Launch('applet/applet.html')" class="style5">Click to Connect</a></p></td>
    <td width=120 align="right" valign="bottom"></a> </td>

    When I goto the actual path of /applet/applet.html, it works fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just a note, when the applet image is clicked, it is supposed to have a pop-up window which runs the applet.

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    I fixed it, thanks.

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