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    hackers ip is from ev1..but ev1 wont do anything about it

    i had checked my server logs and there were dozens of failed attempts from an ip.

    i emailed [email protected] about the incident and this is the reply i get.

    Dear Sirs,

    Thank you for the information, however we only investigate complaints up to 3 days
    old. Please do not hesitate to contact us if this activity persists.


    Abuse Team
    Everyones Internet

    the failed attempts were only 4 days old and they wouldnt care to investigate further.

    im planning to send a personal mail to the ceo of ev1.
    maybe he will be responsible and do something about it.

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    Well, EV1 may be right. The chance of someone getting caught after 4 days is slim to none. Logs might roll over on the server, their router logs also expire quickly, I am sure.

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    4 days old and you're just now sending these out?
    If you want action, you need to act within 24 hours, maximum.
    Why? As one person said, logs. Another possibility is that action could already have been taken against the user. A third possibility is that they are currently INVESTIGATING the ip address.

    The list of possibilities just goes on and on. The fact is that if you want action taken against something like this, you HAVE to act responsibly yourself, and get this to them in a timely fashion.

    Personally, I think 3 days is mighty generous of ev1. Anything after 24 hours is going to be damn hard to trace anyways.
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    thanks guys.
    i did learn from my mistakes.

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