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    Arrow GB News :: £680 Million plans for schools to be open from 0800-1800 unveiled. Y/N??

    Article extract >> SOURCE : SKY NEWS ONLINE

    Education Secretary Ruth Kelly has unveiled a £680m plan that could see schools open from 8am to 6pm.

    Designed to help working parents, the proposals will see children arriving early for breakfast and staying on after school has finished.

    The clubs will be supervised by volunteers or organised by private companies - teachers will not have to take part.

    Teaching unions have given the plan a cautious welcome.

    The National Union of Teachers said the promise of £680m by 2008 "sounds like new money but across 23,000 schools, it will be spread very thinly".

    Under the 'extended schools' programme, primary and secondary schools in England will offer a range of activities for under-14s.

    These might include language clubs, indoor rock-climbing, music, drama and arts.

    The additional hours have been dubbed "Kelly hours" - just as teacher training days are called "Baker days" after Tory former minister Lord Baker.

    Jack Hatch, a primary school head in Bolton, Greater Manchester, said his breakfast and after-school club had produced a "wonderful atmosphere".

    His school charges £3 for the breakfast club and £5 for the after-school club.

    The Department for Education and Skills says charges will be decided locally.

    End extract <<

    Full article, no link.

    I can see the benefits of breakfast clubs and the same for say an hour after school where possible but right up to six in the evening and more to offer up state provided child care or babysitting at schools i'm not too sure about. I feel we might be storing up problems for ourselves in the future. I have my doubts about this being entirely the right approach or the one that's needed.

    Secondary school for me finihsed at 3:45pm and was alter than some in my area. An after schoo club is unlikely to last right up to 6 O'Clcok. Surely children should be able to amuse themselves off their own backs outside of school. And that doesn't ahve to include TV and computer games either. It should be the responsibility of the individual. I wonder, do children still go to the likes of Scout's in the same numbers these days?

    There's also the angle that Parent's who've chosen to have children are palming off the responsibility of raising them, teach them [things which aren't necessarily covered in school], and just fenerallly look after them nearly entirely onto schools or at leat activities at the school site.

    In the short-medium term not a problem but if an entire childhood was like that, well i just wouldn't handle it that way i guess is what i am saying.

    Opinions?? Comments??

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    I heard about plans of implementing this when I was at school (i left years ago)

    Be interesting to see a school doing this.

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    Well, in France pupils must go to school from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (apart from Wednesday), and they have actual lessons for every one of those hours. No breakfast or after school clubs at all.

    The thing I donít like about this idea is that it could become permanent, and it could give parents the idea that they have less of a responsibility over their children. I also donít believe that up until 6pm is necessary Ė surely up until 5pm is fine?

    I also donít believe itís good for the child to be at school for so many hours during the day, even though the first hour they wonít be learning and the last two they wonít be learning either. They need a break from the education system.

    What might be a good idea is to only allow parents to let their children take part in these before and after school activities so many times per week or month Ė meaning the parents wonít be able to ďget rid ofĒ their children for a few more hours everyday.

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