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    Esvon classified ads and license

    Esvon Classified ads
    Price of the script (on their website): 499.95

    Hi there bought this great software last year, complete with the license (for an adult domain), support and script updates are still free until September 2005. I have the latest updates of the script of course.

    If you want to change the domain for license it will cost you $50 only. otherwise you can take my domain for free, with the script and license so you dont have to pay $50 to them. The site been online before for 5 months and yes it did get traffic but I couldnt afford the hosting fees and also too busy so now its offline.

    Any offers...??

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    help to install

    I would help to install if necessary. thanks for reading.

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    Is the classifieds script modified or the same as their demo and what is the bottom price you will take for the script.


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    The script

    My apologies, the website is still online

    I have more members actually, but their ads all expired.
    No paying members at the moment so no income.

    Sorry for the mistake, just realized ive paid the hosting till the end of the month so you still can see the site. yes its come up on google already and was submitted to search engines last year.

    Links popularity of the site not bad either:

    I have the original script too of course from the esvon site (non modified).

    Minimum price (inc domain name) lets say $ 200

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    I lower the price to $150 ...?

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    Please read my PM, I'm interested

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