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    Exclamation in.authd and cpu load

    what is in.authd ?

    today when i was checking TOP , i see this and it was useing a lot of cpu load !

     3911 ident     25   0  6468  716  600 R 75.6  0.0   1:02.22 in.authd

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    The problem with using TOP to check things is that it isn't always 100% accurate. Here's a good analogy of this, and what I mean:

    I run a game on my server, which takes up beta and master port. When rebooting this game, for a good few minutes, it will take between 50-90% of memory/CPU stats, then it settles down into < 1%. Why? Because it's just starting up, it's got to go through and load everything up, and initialize itself into the system.

    The problem with using top (especially top dependent) programs is that this will read as taking up this much cpu usage. CPanel is bad for this, as it takes snapshots at wierd times. Unless you wait a good 5-10 minutes , you're not going to get an accurate snapshot of your system.

    IF, after 5-10 minutes, your server is STILL showing authd as this high, I'd say start off by rebooting your server. Upgrade your kernel, if it's not at the latest version, and then see what happens . You should have no problem after that, if you do, however, check with your control panel support (if you're using one), because it looks like something's trying to authenticate and isn't being able to do so properly
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