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    * Wanted: Quality Workers

    Wanted: Quality Workers

    Wanted experienced people, no posers or flakes. Quality people only. People that wont accept the job then flake out half way through or expect payment upfront and then disappear.

    do not PM (Do not private message) contact me on AOL IM: tep57

    payment is done only after job is completed and is by paypal only.

    Who can work for affordable prices. All payments are via only.

    1. PHP/Script Installers - will pay $5 for each unique script installed.

    2. An example of a script: Im looking for a very high quality search/engine directory (i will not be spidering any web sites out there) style - I would like to have my very own on a unique domain. where people can register and become domain moderators. publically people can submit domains. spend time on to see what im looking for.

    2.2 Looking to hire people to populate my search engine with domains. The script should have the ability to check to see if a domain is working or not - this feature is not required. Will pay 5 cents per domain added to the search engine directory, as I want a team of people constantly updating it.

    3. phpBB skinners, mod/hack installers, min 2 years experience with phpBB forums, skinning them, modifying, them, customizing them, configing them. Good sense of design, and asthetics an absolute must. Dont contact me unless you have a lot of experience. Pay $10 per fully customized, configed, modified, enhanced, redesigning on a forum (phpbb) only.

    4. Flash Designers - min 2 years experience - I am looking for high quality header flash vector graphics 750 x 200 for forums websites directories etc... no larger than 100k, will pay max $20 to 25. These will be for different topics and themes.

    5. Web site marketers. Will pay 50 cents to 1$ for every link back you can get to my customers sites. I need SEO help on several sites as well.

    6. Logo designers - $5 each - nothing extravagent.

    7. PTR script installers, modifiers, customizers, manipulators, installing hacks/modz, maintenance, running them. Must have min experience of 2 years with PTR scripts.

    do not PM (Do not private message) contact me on AOL IM: tep57

    payment is done only after job is completed and is by paypal only.

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    You seem unavailable on AIM. Any other contact methods?

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    Any website types in particular you want added to the Search Engine? I think I may be able to do this.

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    ill put my AOL IM on in the evening Eastern Standard Time. And sometimes into the late hours.

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    I have added you to my AIM but have not seen you online. I will keep looking as I am interested in helping with poplulating your search engine with domains and/or website marketing.

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    I'm interested in the SEO and marketing aspects.

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    i have my aol IM on usually from 10pm est till 6am est

    est = eastern standard time.

    tep57 is my AOL IM, get in touch with me, I need work done

    my clients are eager to get stuff done.

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    Do you still need assistance? I can begin working right away. However, I cannot seem to locate you online. I even stayed on until well after 10pm EST tonight to look for you on AIM. Please let me know if you are still looking for some workers.

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    I am logged in on AOL IM, and I do not know why people keep PM'n me when I specified I do not want private messages, but instead to be instant messaged

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