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    Advertise on IT Specialized sites

    Advertise on Keyword Rich Domains on EVERY single page! Yes every single page on the web site! Take a look at these web sites and let me know if you are interested. I am tep57 on AOL IM!

    Web Designer Forum:

    Search Engine Forum:

    The PHP Forum:

    The Web Host Forum:

    Contact me on AOL IM: tep57

    Cost is $10 a month and im willing to discount if you get 6 or more months.

    If you want to submit your website to a free webmaster directory, you can do so on my friends webmaster directory:


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    these text ads or banner ads? and where do they show up?

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    Sorry I should have been clear, they are text links, but I might be willing to do small banner ads as well at the bottom, im pretty flexable, and just looking to raise some cash for my forums so I can offer the members free gifts and prizes for quality posting activity and recruiting.

    contact me aol im: tep57

    in the evening Eastern Standard Time.

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