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    Can anybody tell the how they rate FC3 stability...?..bad/poor/ok/good/very good/....

    Hi geeks,
    I want a serious feedback from u people...How u rate terms of stability...?
    For what different purposes u can use FC3...?Will u use it as WebServer..? Mail Server...? Squid...?What else..?
    Or will u be happy to use it as a Desktop OS only...?
    The reason is...
    I got few crashes in last 2 weeks ...of FC3...
    One last I faced was a message while booting a FC3 server...

    Entering eth0 in promis....mode...
    it halted there....and never regained it's state...

    In fact I disabled eth0,eth1 etc etc in BIOS ...
    Why the hell FC3 asked eth0 to go to promiscuious mode...?

    I am little wary after FC3 crashes.....
    I am using it for Qmail based mail server...

    Do u know any list or so which say...these many bugs or problems are already known on FC3 or else..?

    Let me know guys...
    Thinking Different !!

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    Do not use FCs, my votes are to redhat enterprise linux or centos.
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    If you have snort installed or any other type of intrusion detection it will force the nic to go into promiscuious mode.

    I have a few FC3 boxes but nothing for production use. I would also recommend going with Centos or RHEL as at least you get a more stable production platform that way.

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    Fedora is a testing and development distribution. It is in a constant state of flux, and therefore, imho, should not be used on production machines. If you want a RedHat style OS then go with RH Enterprise or perhaps CentOS (I haven't tried it but it seems to have achieved some success) as suggested earlier.
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    I have tryed centos, easy to setup, and maintain, plus has all the redhat features/specs that redhat has but for free

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    FC3 for Desktop only. Ignoring stability etc. it'll be legacy maintained in 6 months and given the state of the Fedoralegacy project updates won't be forthcoming.

    I'd stick with CentOS or RHEL3. Technically, they're the same, but RHEL3 means you get updates direct from Redhat. We used to build our [freely available] RPMs for all sorts of Redhat distributions but now concentrate purely on CentOS/RHEL3 builds.

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