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    Looking for high bandwidth server for download sites.

    I am desperated with vrtservers. I am looking for new server for my download sites. I dont need high model server, as long as having the following specifications:

    ***3000G bandwidth/m - Normal days bandwidth flows between 300K/s-1000K/s, Night time flows up to 1500K/s.

    ***At least 80G primary disk. I can pay a one time fee for 200G secondary hdd.

    ***Windows 2003 Standard included.

    ***Allow Adult hosting, irc (not necessary), bit torrent.


    As long as the above I can get the above spec, I dont mind the server model, ram amount, and stuff like that as I mainly run it as serv-u FTP server. My budget is $130/m fixed.

    No setup fee or hidden fee or stuff like that.

    Any host, do contact me for any discussion.

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    What sort of downloads might this be?

    You might want to have a look at, they have unmetered ports and allow irc etc.
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    Apparently, my list has:

    Still waiting for some email replies....

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    "Unmetered" servers may have unmetered bandwidth, but they have a way of throttling it to a max bandwidth per month, which is by port speed. The server within his budget has a max port speed of 5Mbps, which only gives him his 3000gb a month if he's saturating the port 24/7.

    Based on his traffic numbers, his needs run up to 12 Mbps (if not more), so a 5Mbps port wouldn't meet his needs.

    It looks like their $159 a month plan would work (they offer free Windows 2003 and an unmetered 100Mbps port), but if they're selling unmetered 100Mbps for $159 a month, I'd have some worries about network reliability and speed.

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    You might need 15mbit unmetered as you have 1500K at night time.

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    I don't see it. That budget and the amount of bandwidth needed are not likely to happen. This is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Except in this case, should you be lucky enough to find the needle you will most certainly wish you had not! Can we say Ouch!

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    I can increase my budget to $160.

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    I strongly suggest you revamp your site to reduce your bandwidth consumption. A quality unmanaged 10mbps Windows server is going to cost you more than $160/mo. Reduce your bandwidth consumption to 1000-2000GB/mo. Then you will have a better shot at a quality solution.

    Originally posted by cyang6568
    I can increase my budget to $160.

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