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Thread: cPanel Backup

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    cPanel Backup

    I've always found that the new backup feature in cPanel was very helpful. But recently, I noticed this message when I was trying to do a backup:
    cPanel System Backup is not enabled on this machine. Some other type of backup system may be in place, however downloads cannot be fetched using this module.
    I find this a major letdown as this feature was one of my main criteria in choosing this hosting plan, and a very important one as I maintain mirror sites as an insurance against any unfortunate disruption of service with my hosts.
    Is there a legitimate reason why the host would disable this feature and would not a client have the liberty to opt for the backup system he prefers?
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    Have you spoken with your Web host? I can't see any real reason why they will have done this, your best bet would be to ask them directly.
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    Thanks, Jamie. I thought I would first try to understand the rationale, if any, behind such a practice before approaching them. Yes, I guess I'll have to ask them. Thank you.
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    If you could update us with the host's response, I'd really be interested to know

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    Likewise, I'd be interested in hearing as well.

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    Just a note: That just means that the automated backups are disabled.

    You can still manually backup your content as well as setup cronjobs (or should be able to) to back up your content for you whether it be locally or remotely.
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