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    [Hiring] Due to above average sales we need more tech support staff.

    Hello All.

    Due to our extremely busy increase in sales we are looking to hire 5-6 Technical Support and 1-2 sales staff. These inviduals must have great communication and problem solving skills. They must be dependable, as these are Remote positions.

    Failure to comply with any of the requested information will mean failure to hire. No exceptions.

    Job Description
    - Provide direct support to shared, and reseller hosting customers along with basic sales related inquiries through our Helpdesk (support) and Email software (sales).

    - Must be fluent in the English language, In means of writing and speaking.
    - Must have extensive knowledge in Cpanel/Whm.
    - Experience in offering Technical Support to Shared, and Reseller clients through diffrent mediums such as Email, and Helpdesk.
    - Must have Knowledge with Apache modules, Exim, MySQL, DNS (BIND), OpenSSH, PHP, Frontpage, Mailman, IMAP, SSL
    - Must be able to assist clients with script installs, errors, service issues and configuration questions with FTP, email, frontpage, HTML and basic web site design.
    - Must be able to work under a democratic managerial style.
    - Must be a team player.
    - Experience in Shell, and using all the common tools and protocols.
    - Knowledge in C, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Java, JSP is a bonus.

    Additonal Information
    - Remote position, meaning work from home.
    - Flexible Schedule
    - Friendly Relaxed work enviroment.
    - Top performers will be invovled in business trips.

    To apply for this position, please email or fax us with your resume, salary requirements, and If applicable please provide a msn name for us to provide a follow up with you.

    Make sure to leave your contact email address. No free email based account applications will be accepted. (I.E.:

    If you have any questions feel free to send them along with your resume.

    Email: hr[a/t]
    Fax: 1-902-367-0185

    Also be sure to include, if you work for any other hosting companies currently.

    Please note: It is extremely important that any and all contact remain via either email to [email protected] and or fax for documentation purposes.

    Thank You,

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    It is shocking to see the amount of applicants whom can not follow the simple instructions as listed above. Everyone whom has not followed the rules will not be considered, which is a good portion of the applicants we have received.

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