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    Need a Ventrilo Reseller Account? ($0.20 per slot)

    We are currently holding a special on all new reseller ventrilo accounts. All reseller accounts come with a custom made control panel that allows you to instantly setup a ventrilo server in any of our locations, view your servers status, panel stats, account suspensions & much more. Each of your clients will also get their own control panel login which allows them to edit their config files, see the status of their server (Including who is online, their ping, their comment, and their access level), ability to start, stop, & restart their ventrilo server. Admin side includes many other options. The ventrilo control panel will show your companies logo. More features are added weekly to better improve your experience & your customers experience with the NationVoice ventrilo control panel.

    To view a client side demo of our panel please go to
    Login: [email protected]
    Password: demo
    (Note: This account has all of its features disabled to stop abuse) offers some of the cheapest ventrilo reseller accounts on the internet. Prices starting at $69.95 (Includes 300 ventrilo slots).

    Here is how the prices work.
    300 Ventrilo Slots: $0.20 x 300 = $60
    Misc Fee's (Including Dedicated IP's) = $9.95
    Total = $69.95

    Packages range upto 10,000 slots (Price break after 1000 slots).

    Current Locations:
    Chicago, IL
    Dallas, TX
    McLean, VA
    San Diego, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Toronto, Canada

    Coming Soon:
    New York
    Seattle, WA
    Atlanta, GA

    We currently only offer ventrilo servers.
    We will soon be offering shoutcast servers w/Custom Control panel. The ETA for this is within the next 2 weeks.

    Contact Information:
    AIM: TheNixMaster
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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    I have a NationVoice Ventrilo Server.. Its wonderful.. There Custom Control Panel is 100% times better then all the other control panels i have used before..

    NationVoice's Control Panel > Hurricane Host's Control Panel...

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