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    ~~ and (For SALE!) ~~

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to tell you all this (hope it is)but anyways here goes:

    I was initially a bit reluctant to let these two domains go but i think it'll be for the best since i don't really have time to work on them anymore:

    I've put them up on the registerfly marketplace.
    Here are the auction links ........

    If anyone's interested in them, they can make a bid on them through those two links.

    Now here's the story behind these two great domains: A few years ago I had a great dream to dominate the internet much like Google and Microsoft have done. The idea was to make it easier for people to use the web by allowing them to join this one site once and have access to all affiliating sites in one go. Hence the name JoinOnce. In a way it was meant to be a competitor to .NET passport, but I never really got much of a chance to see the project through fully.

    I now do not have the time and energy to devote to this project any longer since other projects are sucking up my time. So i've decided to auction it off.

    I've revealed the business idea i kept to my myself all these years, all you need now are the domain names. I'm sure if worked on properly the whole thing could be extremely successful and would have the potential to be very big.

    You'll also notice that the selling price is by far much less than their true worth (had to make it affordable for people). In my opinion, whoever gets them is one lucky person.

    Anyway thats that. Good luck & congrats to the person who wins them - you may use them however you wish - the ball's in your court, run with it.

    Please note: I've also notified many of my business associates about this auction and people have already begun bidding. I felt the need to tell you all about these two auctions to give more people a chance. But it probably won't be long before they're snapped up so don't say i didn't warn you. And when they are gone, they are gone - no exceptions. If you're even just the slightest bit interested, you might want to get over to the bidding page right away. May the force be with you ......
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    Dear all,

    In an effort to ensure that as many people have a chance of grabbing these 2 great domains, i'm doing a special offer just for this weekend. I've lowered them both to the crazy price of just $49 each!

    So here's your chance if you're one of those people who would like to have these domains but couldn't afford them before. Go for it. Be quick about it though - i've only got them for that price for this weekend *only*; the offer ends Sunday midnight. They'll probably be gone by Monday, but if not they'll be going back up to $350+ on Monday morning !!

    Good luck ...........

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    Just $39 !!

    Remember though - this special offer is only in effect
    over the weekend!!

    Here are the purchase links ........

    Good luck
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    ^^^ Ooops, error in links above! Sorry, here you go:

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    UPDATE!: has now been SOLD!

    ...... But JoinOnce.ORG is still up for grabs!

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