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    I have a PHP/SQL job needed done - Simple additional functions to a current script

    Here is the current script I had a coder make for $40:

    -index.php auto generates paypal links based on SQL data
    -Adding products adds info to the SQL and the actual file is saved in /files/
    -Right now all settings are saved in

    Now I want these extra options:
    -Able to have an image for each product
    -Able to have a description for each product
    -Move some settings from into a SQL table

    These are very simple modifications, since all the code is in place and just SQL structure and admin.php needs to be modified a bit.

    Please post your quote here or PM me your quote, or give me your MSN email address. I prefer using MSN to keep in contact coders.
    Adrian K. - Turnkey PHP Scripts with PayPal IPN

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    I am sorry but $130 is way over my budget for this project.

    Maybe I should specify I am looking for a CHEAP programmer.

    Thank you anyways.
    Adrian K. - Turnkey PHP Scripts with PayPal IPN

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    Could you please e-mail me? I'll be willing to do this pretty cheap.
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    I would do this whole project for $40. It should take me no more than an hour.

    If you would like to contact me you can via MSN or email:

    karl [@] karl 89 . co .uk


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