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Thread: Appraise logos

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    I like the second one better than the first one...

    Just giving my opinion... not interested though.

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    I woul definately change the color of the "MyDiceSite" to one color in the first logo. It's way too hard to read the way it is.

    Other than that, they're good for the price.

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    Originally posted by rock1127
    I woul definately change the color of the "MyDiceSite"
    It says "MyBlogSite" Point proven

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    I actually like the first one more but the right part of it seems a lil wierd.. i like the cup .. good luck selling!
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    Thanks for your opinions guys, we appreciate it...
    Best Regards,

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    I also like the second one more. Much easier on the eyes. Not interested though, sorry.

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