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    Unhappy I just lost my rank in MSN search...


    I have been at the #4 spot (first page) on MSN search under the keyword "anxiety" for weeks now. Then I did two things. I removed the link (and ad) to my anxiety disorders support forum from my large software site and I started submitting my own software (I've written 40 scripts, games and programs over the years) like crazy to many, many, software sites. Then I go to MSN Search a few days later and I am on the second page!. So anyway, I put the link back on my software site but I am wondering if MSN penalizes you if you submit to too many software sites. I also have a feeling that some of these software sites are really nothing more than link/affilate sites and I wonder if MSN frowns on that.

    Anyone know what' might be going on here?

    Thank's for any insight as I am really puzzled by this.
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    Your ranking is also influenced by the "relevant links" you place on your website.

    If the software forum you used to link to has a high ranking, your website might have profited from it too.

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    Give it some time. Some days I am on page 1 of "webhosting". Other days, I'm in page 5. It varies from day to day but hopefully you can be consistently in the top 50.
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