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Thread: Useful books?

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    Useful books?

    I appologize if this is in the wrong forum but I didn't see any other place it would fit.

    Anyways.. What are some useful books to read up on basically for running/operating/managing a dedicated linux server in general.

    Topics I am trying to learn more about as a beginner:

    Linux, Networking, Security, etc.

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    Linux Network Security (Administrator's Advantage Series) by Peter G. Smith, Red Hat Fedora Linux 3 Bible by Christopher Negus, Network Security Hacks, by Andrew Lockhart are the best book for Linux ,networking and security.

    You can also try Linux Network Administrator's Guide as a beginner.

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    Network Security Hacks - 100 Industrial Strength Tips & Tricks (Lockhart)

    ^Good security book.

    Have a few of other books, but most of the skills I have learnt are from direct hands on experience - nothing beats this.
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    Yeah I know nothing is better then 1st hand experience, but I don't want to go in knowing absolutely nothing.

    Thanks for the recommendations, i'll look into them

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    Maybe you can find something interesting at Safari:
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    I would add Real World Linux Security by Bob Toxen to the list. Also, I agree with crucial - nothing beats hands on. Check sites like, tss's site:,,, Then grab either a VPS or a cheap dedicated and jump in and get your hands dirty. GL!

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    I'd whole-heartedly recommend the excellent books by Morgan Kaufmann!
    I have many of their books myself, and even as an advanced reader I use them frequently.
    Extremely professional and well written. Through would almost be an understatement, quite academic in its style...
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